Vision, Mission, and Values


Transforming curling in Western Canada to promote young amateur athletes who
are role models in their communities.


We are a volunteer group of athletes: providing exceptional opportunities for
curling’s rising stars.


Caring – We want to make an impact on the sport of curling through

giving our time to bridge the gap between Juniors and Elite play.

Innovation – We transform our championship through creativity,

collaboration and continuous improvement.

Passion – We are energized, engaged and inspired in the work we do.

The SGI CANADA Best of the West is a new Western competition for U30 curlers run by the Best of the West Championship Committee. The format for the Best of the West is the traditional ‘Fours’ curling and ‘Doubles’ with the goal of creating a highly competitive event and playing atmosphere for the top Western U30 curlers.

We believe that having the top U30 curlers play against each other is an excellent way to help foster their development between U20 and Elite play. We also want U30 curlers to continue experiencing playing on live TV with fans at ice level, all while creating more exposure for these athletes.

Our Championship Committee has designed the SGI CANADA Best of the West for British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba for U30 curlers. The ‘Fours’ teams and ‘Doubles’ teams must be 30 years of age or under as of our established cutoff date of June 30, 2021.

The SGI CANADA Best of the West will run April 22nd to April 24th, 2022. 8 teams in each the Men’s, Women’s and Doubles Divisions will be split into 2 pools of 4 teams and will play three round robin games. The top 2 teams in Pool A and Pool B will advance to the Semi-Finals, followed by a Championship Final.

This season the SGI CANADA Best of the West will be held at the Nutana Curling Club in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Teams will play their games on Sheets 2, and 4 to 8 with all 3 Championship Finals being played on Sheet 2. On-ice fans will be seated on Sheet 1. The TV sheet will be on Sheet 2 with cameras on Sheet 3.